Star Anchors go on air

After months of hardship, dedication and lots of learning, our ‘Star Anchors’ are now ready to conquer their dream. Dream of becoming a change agent in society. Dream of becoming people’s voice that can shape the country. Dream of becoming a News anchor in India’s most promising news channel – Star News. After becoming Star Anchors, Akshay and Meenakshi were busy completing their assignments with Star News. They went through in depth training and grooming sessions after beating their competition in Anchor Hunt. The biggest, most promising and most valuable prize offered to them in ‘Star Anchor Hunt’ is now reality. Yes, they are now full-time news presenter on Star News and you can see them presenting news on television. Akshay Shukla and Meenakshi have started their new job with us and here are few videos of them presenting their first ever professional news bulletin on Star News. Keep watching Star News to see them in Action!

Meenakshi Kandwal – in ‘Pehli Khabar’ on Star News

Akshay Shukla – presenting News Bulletin on Star News

Meenakshi – in ‘Pehli Khabar’ – News Story 2

Akshay – Presenting News Bulletin on Star News 2

For more videos click here.


1 Response to “Star Anchors go on air”

  1. 1 shreya kapoor August 18, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    i wana to participate in star news anchor hunt 2

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